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Well, we FINALLY did it – and we still have time to relax!

How do we manage it all? There are things we all, even you, do today that you never dreamed you would have the time for.

I’ll give you my example: When we started this journey, I thought my plate was full… but there we go, getting goats! Our daily routine changed which included twice a day milking and feeding. Weekends became consumed with cleaning goat houses and rabbit cages. Then one day I thought to myself, “Where did I find this extra time?” I thought about what I did before the animals… Oh, that’s right… I was sitting on my rear after getting home from work, claiming I was SO TIRED and NEEDED to relax. Now though, I stay more productive. We do still find time to relax, making soap is actually quite relaxing and doesn’t feel like a job at all, even though it is. We do also sit and watch TV, movies, or just on the porch watching the animals – and it is so much more enjoyable when we can reflect on how productive we have been.

Now, with that being said…

After two years of talking about it.

After two years of discussing what we would like to show and educate others on.

After two years of saying, “This would have made a great video”.

After two years of many, many, many missed video opportunities – Jeff and I finally pulled the camera out and started filming.

That’s right, Our YouTube channel is finally out there! Granted, I don’t think the first two videos we have posted yet are the best – there defiantly is a learning curve. I have no doubt that we will get more comfortable with being on camera, and I am certain my editing skills should improve.

The content however, that’s a bit tougher. We want to teach future homesteaders how we do different tasks – but we also want to show current homesteaders our methods and hope to encourage feedback from others for FRESH ideas… we certainly are always looking for ways to improve ourselves.

For now though, it’s clearing bamboo, and clearing land… then clearing more bamboo. Of course, there are other things planned for our upcoming videos, especially when it comes to the animals. The more we complete on our homestead, the more we are able to do – and we are SUPER excited.

This isn’t easy though. We really do have our plates full:

  • Working full time

  • Homemade Soap, Bath & Body product creation

  • Business Administrative work (yuk!)

  • Farm Administrative work (more yuk!)

  • Website Management

  • Writing/Creating Blogs

  • Clearing Land

  • Land Management

  • Caring for current livestock

  • Preparing for new livestock

  • Caring for pets

  • Taking care of the home

  • Taking care of ourselves

And now… because why not, right?

  • Creating content for YouTube

  • Editing content

  • Uploading videos

  • Monitoring the channel

Believe it or not, we even have other items, they’re just on hold. For instance, the house build (which we will video of course), Jeff’s homemade wood craft items, and a few other items we are keeping under our hats for now.

If you look at it though, most of these items connect to one or more other items. As with anything, you just need to uncover the right flow and all the pieces will fall together.

In a nutshell – it may seem like we are taking on a lot, but as long as we have time to sit, we have time to do so many other things that we enjoy and with the homestead, it doesn’t feel like work (as physically demanding as it is). This new task: YouTube, is no different; We are doing the work anyway… we just need to remember to hit the record button.

We invite you to join us on this journey – follow along so you can see the transformation our little homestead is going to take. Currently an overgrown forest of bamboo and trees, we plan to turn it into a beautiful and flourishing homestead. To check out our channel, subscribe, or turn on notifications, you can just click the YouTube icon at the top of any page on our website or click >here<. Also, I have posted our first two videos below.

Please be kind, we are still learning – but we welcome all comments that will help us improve.



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