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Meet Jeff & Shawna

Jeff and Shawna in Mexico

Hi, Shawna here. Let me tell you a bit about us, where we are now. and where we want to be:

As a military brat, I moved pretty much my whole life, until I moved to Texas. While in high school there, I met the most amazing person - Jeff! We had the typical life: Go to prom, get jobs, get married, have three amazing children. Throughout this time, Jeff had always wanted to have a small homestead, but I wasn't sure that this is what I wanted. Over time, and as things change, I wanted to be closer to my family in the Carolina's. Now, Jeff has never lived outside of Texas, so shame on me for plucking him from his roots and moving him to the east - but it has turned out to be an amazing adventure.

One day, as I stared out at my kudzu vine covered Carolina hill in front of my house I started to surf the internet on what I could do about all these vines. I came across several sites that discussed using goats. So, let me research goats then! I stumbled upon a site that talked about all the health benefits of raw goat milk and I became intrigued... a little more searching and I came across a YouTube channel that put a comedic spin on how much of a pain keeping goats in a fence was. Not to back down from a challenge, I told my husband I wanted a goat! His response: FINALLY!


We took some time to research the differences in the goat breeds and decided Nigerian Dwarf goats were what we wanted due to the flavor of the milk. So, in what seemed to be five seconds later, he had purchased two goats. A billy goat named "Billy" and a nanny goat named "Nanny" (original, right?). Two days later, I found two more nannies.

Now this was the beginning of something amazing. It didn't take me long to realize that Jeff was right all along - we should have done this years ago! Even though we both currently work full time jobs, we are enjoying every moment of our journey. 

Now, with 5 acres of raw land, we begin the next step - clearing and creating a thriving homestead.

Thank you so much for visiting and we hope you follow along with us and share your ideas while we tackle this challenge.

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