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The Most Comprehensive List Ever!

Okay, so I don’t know if it really is THE most comprehensive preventive maintenance list, but it certainly is the most comprehensive one I have ever made – it took me an eternity (at least it felt that way).

This is fairly simple.

Click here , print out the list, and you’re ready to start the New Year with a whole list of things to help you keep up with those “little things” that if left undone turn into “BIG THINGS” later down the road.

Here are some important points to keep in mind:

· Performing preventive maintenance not only saves you money, but can help protect you and your family’s health and safety

· Each week has one item to help you stay on top of your home maintenance needs.

· Most items take less than a day to complete and some only a few moments. Other items though, could a whole weekend depending on how old your home is, or when it was you maintained it last. These items may get quicker each year if you stay on top of it.

· If your home doesn’t have that week’s item – CONGRATULATIONS, you get a week off!

· Want to do more than just one of the items, GO FOR IT!

· Anything that says ‘check’ means: See if anything is wrong. Leaking faucet? Exposed Wires? Torn Material?

· APARTMENT DWELLERS – you’re not off the hook… even though your landlord should be doing these things for you, there are things on this list that apply to you as well.

I tried to keep all the items on dates that made sense, but feel free to rearrange as needed.

PLEASE DO NOT skip the ones in red – THIS IS EXTREAMLY IMPORTANT – ask me how I know!

Miss a week? No worries, you can add it to the next week of course. The list really is just a guideline and is set up to help manage these tasks in small, bite-sized pieces.

will keep this list on here in case you lose your copy. It will help next year as well, so you can print a new form. As always, if you feel there is anything on the list we left off, please reach out and let us know.


From our home to yours, have a prosperous, safe, and amazing New Year!

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