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The Stunning Beauty of the Appalachians

As we approach our 4th year anniversary of leaving Texas, I am amazed that we still get asked (a lot), why we left Texas for the Carolinas. Now, if you have perused this website, you understand that I wanted to be closer to my family. My family means a great deal to me, and though our youngest stayed in Texas, she and her husband are young – they have way more energy than we do, and can come visit us just as we drove to visit my parents. Just as my daughter may miss me, I also missed my mother – so here we are.

With that being said, – the Carolinas defiantly has many other benefits. Now, before my Texas friends get all worked up, I LOVE TEXAS. It really is the best state (if you can handle the summer heat).

And... before I upset all my Carolina friends, know that this is not a “this is better here, that is better there” blog. This is just to bring attention to something not everyone has experienced.

Today, I want to talk about the Appalachians. There is beauty all over these United States, and this mountain range is part of that. If you have never been this way, you don’t know what you are missing. I am not a good photographer, but I couldn’t let some of you go throughout your lives without seeing some of its beauty. Now, I AM NOT a professional photographer, but… If you click > here < you will see some amazing photos and understand just how stunning this mountain range is. This blog, Tales from the Wood Booger, is a sometimes comical, always beautiful blog of an avid hiker and nature enthusiast. He gives us his tales of daily life, but his passion is in the hike and will take you along to some of the most gorgeous waterfalls, vista views, and colorful trails. He is also a fantastic photographer and you would be missing out if you weren’t able to see some of these pictures.

I know this isn’t my normal update of our homesteading life, but sometimes you just have to sit back and appreciate the beauty this country has to offer.



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