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The Year of New Lives

Hi everyone! Yes, it is once again time to name our year. Each year, we pick a theme that we focus on for the year. This year it is the Year of New Lives. We actually had another theme in mind, but we decided we will save that for next year… Let me explain:

We were going to dub this the Year of the Homestead. HOWEVER, we had such a whirlwind of events the last couple of weeks in 2019, that we decided New Lives was more appropriate.

Big News # 1 – If you haven’t heard already, WE CLOSED ON OUR NEW PROPERTY!!!

Our new empty nest life begins! This is huge for us, and something we have been looking forward to since we left Texas and arrived in the Carolina’s. It has been a 3 year hunt to find that one spot that would scream “This Is It”, and we finally found it. Although, once you see it, you’re going to be really confused as to why we fell in love with it – It is going to take a substantial amount of work before it’s ready to be called “The Homestead”, so like I said before… we will save that theme for next year (Look at us… planning a year in advance already)!

Think of this property as the ugly duckling; I just love it, and I know that eventually it will be perfect – you’ll see! But wait... how will you see???? Well…

Big News # 2 – We are starting our own YouTube Channel!

Another step in our new life, and we want to share with everyone our journey from ugly duckling property to thriving homestead. We will make an announcement once we get it up and running and we hope you will join us – we REALLY want your comments and feedback to help us along. But wait, there’s more…

Big News # 3 – New Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, that’s right… most of you have already heard, but we are going to be GRANDPARENTS!

We are so happy for our daughter and son-in-law and absolutely cannot wait to welcome a new wee-little-one into the family. So exciting! This news was ultimately what moved our theme for the year, and we couldn’t be happier.

With all that being said, we welcome 2020 – Year of New Lives!

Everything we do this year and every big decision will have to promote, improve, or focus on New Life.

We hope you join us on this journey – it’s bound to be the busiest year yet!


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