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A Homestead Anniversary!

Homestead Fresh’s official 2nd anniversary!

It’s been two years since we started our business, and almost three years since we started our homestead here in the Carolinas and we got that manly beautiful beast pictured above.

It has been a whirlwind of a year too! Our daughter got married; we found out we would be first time grandparents; we finally found our perfect forever homesite; we moved out to the property; and then… Coronavirus happened. This brought our business to a screeching halt preventing us from attending any events or farmers markets. No sales = No money for the business. That’s okay though, as long as we are safe and healthy, we are willing to take that hit… even though it hurts like heck.

Through all of this though, we stay positive. Being that we both are considered “Essential” we are so blessed to still have our full time jobs. Our hearts and prayers go out to those that are not as fortunate, financially and health wise. What a bizarre time we are living in right now, but I know that we will all come through this stronger than before.

Even though we are saddened by current events, we remain focused on the needs of the homestead. Never before in my lifetime has it been more evident that it is so crucial to practice and prepare to be more self-sustaining. Granted, we are not “dooms-dayers” and we aren’t hard core “preppers”, though I have nothing against those that are – to each their own, right?

We are however aware.

Aware that deliveries to stores can so easily be disrupted.

Aware that having your own supply of produce, meat, or dairy is a tremendous plus. Aware that being able to make your own items like hand sanitizer, soap, and cleaning supplies is a necessary skill.

Aware that buying online, curbside pick-up, and other conveniences are not really conveniences but a desired essential.

THIS is why we homestead... (but I need someone to share with me how to make my own flushable toilet tissue)?

Putting current events aside, let’s talk anniversary!

Two years gone, and with the new property it feels like we are just getting started. Essentially, we are starting over. We still have nearly all the land to clear, we haven’t begun work on our out-buildings yet, and my soap shop is still sitting at the other property.

Jeff has begun work on his workshop, which is critical since we need that workshop up and running to build and take care of all the other things we need done. You have to have priorities, and this is the top one… although, perimeter fencing so I can turn my back on the dogs for more than two seconds would be nice too.

What’s in store before we hit our third year anniversary?

Since this was deemed “The year of new lives”, top of my list for the homestead are the animals.

Chickens have been ordered (that will be an upcoming blog), and we are on the lookout for our new tribe of goats. We are still going to have our most loved Nigerian Dwarf goats, but we are also going to add Myotonic (fainting) goats! Rabbits will also be coming soon, and we are mixing it up this time. We are of course sill going to get the Silver Fox rabbits, but we are going to get some Rex as well. These are definite lives we are adding before our next anniversary, but we are hoping that we can get our sheep by then as well. We will work on getting pigs, ducks, quail, bees, and a cow eventually, but land clearing is not a quick process.

The land clearing of course will not be complete by year three. The bamboo has become the bane of my existence, and we really need to get the goats to keep the shoots under control.

The trees are a challenge as well. Not the cedar trees, that’s an easy one – I want them gone. I am not a fan of a forest of cedar trees. Sweetgum as well, we have WAY to many and along with the cedar, they are choking out almost everything else. Not being choked out though are some beautiful American Beech trees, a few Tulip Poplar trees and some enormously large oaks. So yes, this is going to take a great deal of time to clear. Keep in mind, we are doing all this by ourselves. We are not hiring anyone to do any of the work out here. Unless we have too (one big oak that isn’t looking so good is going to need a professional team to fell). When we are done, we will be proud to say that we did it all ourselves… we will be bruised, cut up, tired, sore, and much older, but we will be happy!

So, that is pretty much the only updates I have for the year to come, but we have a few little things that we want to keep as a surprise for you. Until next time, please stay healthy and safe!!


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