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2021 = Year of....

Happy New Year!

Okay, so it’s a bit cliché to start a “It’s a New Year” blog with “Happy New Year”, but honestly folks – if there was any year to express how exciting it is to start a new year, it’s this year.

2020 has been, it the simplest explanation, a really grief stricken year with everything that happened in the world. I won’t get into all the death, devastation, and loss – I’m sure there are already countless blogs out there that will cover 2020 in great detail, and I prefer to focus on the positive.

For us, we began 2020 naming it “Year of New Life” – and it didn’t disappoint. We started our new life by getting our new homestead. Moving out to our new property and finally becoming “empty nesters”.

Brought baby chicks onto the homestead, got a donkey, cleared some land and watched as the newly cleared areas sprouted beautiful blades of grass.

Most importantly – the birth of our beautiful and lovely grandbaby Owen Matthew! He is so perfect, and now at nearly 5 months old, already so strong. We couldn't be any happier than we are when we are looking at his beautiful face. I could talk about him forever, but I guess I should move on.


Now, we didn’t get all the new life we wanted – the rabbits, goats, sheep, and cow have been postponed, and hopefully will come to fruition in 2021.

Speaking of 2021, and the whole reason we are here… what is our theme for the next twelve months?

*Drum Roll Please*


Every decision this year will be with the homestead in mind. Of course, some things can’t be perfectly centered around life on the homestead… such as our grandbaby’s first birthday. For the most part though, all choices are to be made with the homestead in mind. All activities, purchases, outings, etc. If we go somewhere, we intend on making it related to our lifestyle. Maybe we will tour some other farms; Maybe we will meet up with some other YouTube homesteaders for a collaboration. The list is endless of what is out there to help us grow, learn, and thrive. Purchases will be for items to be utilized on or invested in the homestead. We cannot express how important making our life as self-sufficient as possible is to us – and 2020 really helped to show others this as well.

2020 created a tremendous influx of families wanting to move towards some form of self-sufficiency. Whether it be getting backyard chickens, window seal gardens, or selling it all and getting property out in the country (social distancing at its finest). We do not look down on anyone’s choice of lifestyle. Some love the city, some do not… but we applaud those that have made the decision to find a way to provide for themselves. It is not an easy task by any means, but boy – is it ever rewarding!

So, how about you? What is your theme for 2021?

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