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Our Normal Lives

Originally Posted 6/3/18


If your definition of normal is to conform to what so many people consider normal – then no, we are not normal.  However, the term ‘normal’ is a bit subjective – don’t you think?  What if I said our definition of normal was to work full time, then come home to take care of four-legged creatures that need food, water, exercise, and love?  Afterwards, we clean the house, cook dinner for the family, and then relax… Now, that would sound perfectly normal to most people, right?


This is exactly what we do, and exactly what we consider normal – however, our four-legged creatures don’t only consist of cats and dogs (of which we have two of each). as well as our beardie (bearded dragon).  We also happen to have goats and rabbits; This seems to be the part that really makes others question our ‘normal’ lives


We milk goats, make soap, grow our own veggies, breed rabbits for meat, drink raw milk, and this is just the beginning!  We are beyond happy with our lives.  Though, there are so many people that think we have lost our minds, call us odd, give us funny looks, and ask a lot of questions.  This is typically followed by a look of confusion, as well as some discussed looks when we explain that we raise rabbits for meat versus pets. 


This is our ‘normal’ as defined by us, and you’re ‘normal’ may look completely different – as long as we can each find what makes us happy.  It took years for us to get to our new normal, but we are happier that we have ever been.  AND, as I have said, this is just the beginning.  There is still so much more to come; if we are this happy now, we will be absolutely giddy once we get our new property and grow our homestead.


So, what is your ‘normal’?

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