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First Introductions...​

Originally posted 5/21/2018

So, for years my husband and I always joked that our lives would make for a great story… or a short comedy at least.  With all the ups and downs we’ve had (as I’m sure everyone has), we have reached that point in our lives where I felt others would enjoy sharing in our newest chapter.

Now, I may reference some of our past experiences, and this may clue you in as to why we came to where we are now – but ideally, the purpose of this blog it is to provide insight to you and invite comments and suggestions from you.  We welcome any questions, comments, and knowledge you have to share (except on my grammar and writing style please – I simply am too tired at the end of the day to think that hard.)  


First, introductions:

My name is Shawna Rust and my husband is Jeffrey.  We have three adult children and are finally empty nesters… of sorts.  Sometimes they come back. Sometimes they come back more than once.  That’s okay though, I love my kids which is part of what brought us to this new stage. 

When we moved to the Carolina’s, we knew that the house we purchased would not be our “Forever Home”.  So, we vowed to remodel it and give it to our children so that they would always have a home no matter what.  Even if they must share at a point, this is not our problem – WE ARE GIVING THEM A HOUSE! How many people can say that?  My husband and I want to buy some land and start our “Forever Home”.  Finally – Our Own Little Slice of Paradise.  Now, “Paradise” is subjective and our definition has recently changed – to us, it is a small piece of land with animals, a garden, and mostly self-sufficient.

If you look back three sentences, you will see where I say “want”, meaning we have not yet made it to this point.  Do you think that stopped us from getting a head start? ABSOLUETLY NOT!


Whatever we start with we will just take with us when we go, right?  So, we have started with our four beautiful Nigerian Dwarf goats – all three years old.  Let me say, I am having so much fun!  I am loving these goats!! So now let’s look at our tally: Four goats, two dogs, two cats, and one very spoiled Bearded Dragon.  You might think we are close to having our hands full, but we would disagree.  I still have a lot to learn, but I am fortunate that my husband lived on a farm for several years learning and caring for many of the animals we plan to raise. 


For now, we both still work full-time jobs, so this blog will be updated as I get time, but at least weekly.  At this very moment though, it is time to walk the dogs, which is then followed by goat milking time. 


Thank you for allowing me to introduce ourselves and I am looking forward to sharing our story with you as we move through this chapter and future adventures.  Again, please share any comments and suggestions you may have and I will try my best to respond as quickly as I can.

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